Saturday, December 13

His Story - Agape's Christmas Musical

It's the time of the year again where the members' of Agape Gospel Assembly, Seremban comes out full force to put together 3 nites of Christmas Musical.

What more better way to kick off the musical with what I would call, ' the Agape signature choir'. Talented & equipped with powerful vocals, I totally enjoyed myself as I was seated in the best seat of the auditorium.

The great team of choir, dancers and the cute-little angelic group of kids

Joseph & Mary being acted out brilliantly by Derek & Larissa

Here's a scene showing Jesus working his miracle on the blind kid which has now regained his sight.

the "coolest-singing Satan"

The team that made this musical happen

After the musical, guests were treated to some refreshment at the cafe area.

Some pix with the stars of the nite:

Larissa & Lynne

the HOTTEST act of the nite; Aaron playing the satan .....that could sing!

Met up with quite a bit of friends' here at the event and am proud to say that all those involved have done a great job in putting together this musical!

Jen & I

Do check out this musical happening again tonight and tomorrow (13 & 14 Dec) at Agape, Seremban.

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