Thursday, September 27

Mid-Autumn Festival in Seremban

With the end of the 8th month,15th day; mid-autumn (mooncake) festival 2 days ago, here's some pix of the celebration that took place in a little corner in town called "singapore street".

Crossing the street to where the buzz is...

Throngs of people came from all over town and the outskirts

Looked like some revival service goin on eh?

The multi-cultural performance

Am still wondering why are they performing a multi-cultural dance on a mid-autumn festival... and of course, to complete the whole event, there's some lucky draw and guess what the prizes are?... Mooncakes! Lots and lots of mooncakes..can eat till next mid-autumn!

A huge tower all lighted up -Lantern style

Various creatively crafted lanterns on display

A chinese "Nemo"

Golden Chinese cocks (no pun intended)

And finally...the award for Poser Of The Night goes to.......


Mr. Dragon

Now who says that dragons are mean creatures?

Just call 1-800-Adopt-a-dragon to bring one home.

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