Tuesday, September 11

Worst Audition so far...

I sat through nearly 60mins of torturous audition listening to some band played some total rubbish earlier this evening.

It all started when I'm supposed to go "audition" this band for them to play for an event at my Club. I didnt thought it was all bad but after introducing myself and soon after, I've got that typical "band-mates" look staring at me wearing their yuppy tee's and sloppy jeans as though i know nothing bout music. (just coz I'm in my office attire)..The lead vox who doubles up as a guitarist even introduced himself to me with full of pride that he plays music for a living when I overheard the drummer said somethin like "he works as an office-boy -lah"..

After waitin for bout 20mins for some really loud, out-of-tune, out-of sync and messy "sound-check", I've finally decided to poke at the lead vocalist cum LEAD guitarist huge ego (caps -coz he's annoyingly LOUD) by asking him..."was that just a sound-check or the real thing?".. being a musician, one should know tht the quality of the band is at stake when you're being asked a question like that..and so ..another good 20mins passed ...still some weird, loud and poorly arranged tune came blasting out of the "fake" branded amps and watever fake and cheap gizmo's in that small little cubicle. Mind u, its really small...

It was really annoying having to put through all this "practice session" of theirs, when all I wanna check out is whether they meet the requirements of performing for some dinner. and mind.u ..its a dinner with VIP's. They pulak sibuk whipping out annoying guitar leads and super long musical interludes..with clashing cymbals and really over-the-top bass lines..Everyone's just doin their own thing without bothering bout complimenting each other playing in a music arrangement.

To top it all up...the guitarist can still tell me with full of ego and pride that I can check out their band website, (as if I was interested) their whole load of band members, their poorly written tunes and all that..when ALL I ASKED was just " have you got any more suitable songs for a dinner setting" ?..

Enough was enough.., gave them another 5mins to finish off their so-called rock tunes before I left the place and felt so thankful for really talented, skillful and humble christian musicians who definitely knows more bout playing in a band than this group I met.


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