Thursday, June 7

Mark Johnston @ TOW

From Pine River, Manitoba -Canada ..comes Ps. Mark annointed man of God & pianist to Malaysia for the first time.

From the day he touched down (22May), he's been goin' around to churches in a few states around the peninsular before returning home to Pine River which according to him, has only a population of 85 people!! *hmmm..the size of JCG in the whole town?.. Anyway...

He was at TOW last weekend for ALL of the weekend services and also for this week's youth camp in one of the malaysian cave.. (well..not totally IN the cave, but..somewhere there-lah..)

Here's an interesting fact..

It has been rumoured that he is to be the "prince charming" for our youth director..but..hmm.. looks like "tak jadi" after all coz he doesnt like sushi !!... hehehe..

Despite this, "ah mark", as i fondly refers him, is a humorous, down-to-earth and easy going guy...Enjoys & understands just about every bit of those crappy Malaysian jokes ...and on top of that he even throws in his "stuff" (crappy jokes) to us and we all enjoyed a good laugh!

Well...he's still gonna go around a few more churches before comin bck to Sban where we would take him for some sight-seeing around KL..and watever idea that comes along then.... (a day off fr work and be a tourguide...-more pix fr the outing then) hehe..

For my blog readers', here's a live recording of the song he presented on Sunday...Enjoy..
(pls be patient as it loads..)

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J-Son said...

woohooo...mrs kath johnston!! haha...