Saturday, October 13

Raya Buzz -Day 1 -Nite Hangout

...a continuation from my hill-climbing adventure earlier in the evening....

We mamak-ed at A&W with some buddies when nightfalls - thanks to Jon Wong who called for this hang out session and picking us up, we totally packed his car in which the journey from home to town was as wild as a roller-coaster ride.. *hehe..*
An over intake of food + sugar made the session really crazy with lame jokes and unimaginable non-sensical ideas popping out every moment.

Firstly, u get to see a preview of Jon Wong a.k.a. Harvest Wong showing us his latest official "Senyap" sign (soon to be in cinema's and libraries all over Msia):

Then Addy found her long lost twin in Adrian's phone!

Leo and Jon finally found out they were meant for each other in this most GAY pix:

Christine revealed her secret hobby of taking pix of "rubbish" (with her cute lil purse) :

...and here's Leo showing us how most common Friendster pix are taken (one hand on the cam while u try to squeeze nearer to the other person) :

As you can see here, Jon is goin through some identity crisis between being the old Jon Wong or the culture-engaging (new hairdo) ~ Harvest Wong.

Finally, some decent shots of us all :

Hang out session with the 'seniors' has never been this fun for such a long time!
All of us knew the reason behind it is because we chose not to hang out with crazy emo people, but a new generation of people who loves God and loves people which what the society needs today; People who doesnt just speak Christianese, but truly shows His love by engaging the people in the world.

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kah wai said...

hahahahaha this jon wong look like "Tau Kai Ngan""