Sunday, October 14

Raya Buzz -Day 2

Had an awesome time at CHCKL today with 2 cars goin all the way to Sunway and guess who so semangat wanna drive there?..

Its Jon Wong.... now known as Harvest Wong coz' since studying in some jungle in JB, and attending the City Harvest Outreach, he's a completely changed guy, totally on-fire for Jesus and actively engaging the people around. Brought along some friends with us (rather not mention names for anti-nuisance purposes) and of course PeArLz. (pronounced as "pearl-zee")

After attending CHCKL for a few times now, PeArLz has decided to make the life changing decision of accepting Jesus into her life today in the cell gathering! How wonderful! Another one added into the kingdom of God.

That's our cell -E13. Pearly is 2nd from Left (standing)

Later in the evening, Chris and Angela joined us to go check out the Gardens (a new mall beside Mid Valley) which houses quite a number of reputable boutiques as well as plenty of leaky pipelines in and around the mall.
Leo and Addy went modelling in the fitting rooms with Chris and Angela doin the same while Zee and I went and indulge ourselves in some Baskin Robbins ice-cream...*yummmmyyy*

Before we knew it, its dinner time as well as Leo's most dreadful moment as we all decided to go eat at Sushi King while he hates it..

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