Monday, October 15

Raya Buzz -Day 3 -Loh's Birthday Dinner

Last day of holidays & still havent got enough from the 3 days break from work, Leo and I went down to KL again....this time to celebrate Loh's birthday!

Happy Birthday Loh !
He's none other than my couzy Cathy's hubby, who is ever so humble, jovial and down to earth even from the first day I knew him bout 8 years ago..

Dinner's at Jogoya Japanese Restaurant in Starhill.

This is one buffet restaurant u've gotta check out!

It's one with the largest variety of Japanese food u can find on a buffet spread. Though they do not allow camera's in their premise, nothing could quite escape the Carl-Zeiss lens of my N2.... *evil grin*

The place is just flowing with salmon, sashimi's, fresh oysters, and gawwdd..EVERYTHING! The tubs of Haagen Dazs ice creams seemed endless...people were just scooping and scooping till no end. There's also a free-flow of a vast variety of drinks at one corner.

For the premium price they charge at RM 88++, its definitely worth to spoil yourself at times with such glorious variety of food.
At the end of our meal ,we were so full but barely tried 3 types of the dessert spread or even 50% of what was served in the restaurant.

Look closely and u'll see that even at an upmarket diners like this one, u can find that there are actually food for VIP MEMBERS ONLY !

A unique dining ambience for large crowds and couples alike. Check out the huge dining area:

and also the private dinner cubicle for couples:

There's also rooms for a more private family event in which this is the one that we are housed in.

This is one unique "No Entry" signage.

Ok..enough of the restaurant....

Here's my couzy' Cathy, ...we literally grew up together and spent like nearly every school holidays together in PD doin crazy stuff with another cousin of ours -Kristin who's now in Australia. Cathy is actually 3 years older than me but doesn't she still looks young?

This is the happy family... L-R: Matthew, Loh, Cathy and Marcus

That's Leo and I with Cathy & Loh

Definitely an enjoyable meal and good time spent together as we could sometimes get too caught up with our daily lives and put aside times for a family gathering like this.

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