Thursday, April 9

Updates - Week 15

It's For U -For U-Nite a.k.a Cell Group BIG DAY at CHEC last saturday.

That's my cell leader - Jin Chong on a 90 degree pose.

Me, Sandra, Sebastian, Leo & Addy

The taikor's of our cell

the sweetest girls of our cell; except Jin & Chris

*frust* Ran outta batteries on my cam before the event started, but there were loads of fun, food and games that nite. Read more of it on my brother's blog here


Took 2 days off from work to bring my relatives for a visit to Genting & Melaka

Pix taken in Genting's Casino. Not gambling in there; just that I heard some live music being played from within, so went in and sat at this cafe to check it out while observing how people actually lose their fortunes by donating $$$ to Uncle Lim.

Off to Melaka the next day......

Tasted the not-so-tasty Chicken Rice Balls located in a corner of Jonker Street.

The latest attraction in this Historical City; The Eye On Malaysia; previously in Tasik Titiwangsa, KL has now moved to Melaka.

Menara Taming Sari Revolving Tower & The Eye On Malaysia

Loads of memories riding on 'the eye' while it was in KL.

Then did some shopping at Padini Concept Store which opened not too long ago in Dataran Pahlawan Mall;

Got my PADINI member card on the spot to enjoy some discounts

pssst... I also did a bit of camwhoring in the fitting room with various outfits of which am not quite sure if I should post it here. *lol*


小澤 (DSvT) said...

don't you know U can't take photo inside the Casino... You ar...


Nick Chang journal said...

hey man....this chicken rice ball is not the most delicious....tat 1 beside the river is more delicious than this shop....
next time if u go malacca, dun forget to hv ur satay celup behind the public bank at lorong bukit cina.

i am for who i am said...

hey baldwin, you are not allowed to take any pic in genting casino lah!!!! lol

Roslyn Kong™ said...

Lols. Can borrow your PADINI card? I need to buy some office attire, haha.

Baldwin said...

Roslyn: Sure thing =)