Sunday, August 24

Garaa Rufa Fish Spa In Seremban

After much curiosity, Jon who was bumming having his holidays decided we should have a go at the garaa rufa fish spa treatment.

Reading up the articles about this treatment, you can even bathe in with the fishes at some places for a complete body treatment to get rid off the dead skin cells all around. *wonders what might happen if it bites at the wrong places*

Anyway, I thought it would just be a relaxing therapeutic treatment but to my horror, it was soooo ticklish, I cant even keep my feet in the water for 10 seconds straight. This treatment is more like a TORTURE!

Not FUNNY at all, k!

It felt as though the fishes were drilling, scraping and doing some construction work on my feet; and mind you, my feet is NOT in such bad shape that it required such massive works.

Jon was not doing any better either and while at it, he even planned to smack the fishes with his feet or maybe throw some of it into the frying pan and have it for supper.... *lol

The nice people at the spa were kind not to take into account the first 10 mins of our treatment as we literally squealed, giggled and made a fool of ourselves by clowning around.

I was expecting the school of fishes to die from choking on my dead skin cells but looks like they survived!


Anonymous said...

hi! can you tell me where is this place in seremban? thanks!

Baldwin said...

it's at kemayan square. the last row of shophouses all the way at the back.

Zaza Nazneen said...

how much did it cost you?