Tuesday, April 22

FREEZE for World Earth Day at Sunway Pyramid

If you're like some who's still wondering whts the whole 'freeze' event is all about; Go read it up here before continuing.

As for the rest of the community, here's some snippets.

T minus 15mins; Green people gathering around the ice-rink to receive instructions on the 'freeze' location.

Some are anxiously testing out their cams.

Hundreds of "Freeze kaki's" making their way to pyramid's new wing where we were to 'freeze' for a good 4 minutes.

Camwhore a few mins before the real thing...*practice..practice*..

Some tried to take advantage while freezing.

And then it happened, after some 10 seconds of countdown, we finally "froze" for the very first time...for 4 minutes!

Leo & Addy's environmentally friendly pose

Various freeze by everyone.

Even the sphinx didnt wanna miss out on the freeze.

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