Tuesday, April 15

American Idols vs the conservatives

The 8 finalist of American Idol belting out " Shout To The Lord" during Idol Gives Back

Conservative christians are venting out their dissatisfaction over the whole idea saying that it's a BIG MISTAKE getting the Idols to sing this song together and an even BIGGER mistake to have replaced Jesus with Shepherd in the words of Shout to the Lord.

A catholic even retaliated by commenting that "Even if each and every one of them is born again and dying to sing the praises of the Lord, you don't alienate the viewers like me – and most Americans are not evangelicals – who don't identify with that particular strand of Christianity,"

To my opinion, this is so uncalled for. What's the big deal anyway? It's such a wonderful thing that the Idols performed this song during the charity night where through this song it somehow indirectly potrays the love of God for the people who's suffering in the world and by the way, music is universal.

Conservatives Christians with little or no intention to engage the world today should just keep their opinions and ideas to themselves and of course it would be best if they have a better idea of touching the lives of people in the world and the suffering to which I doubt that they have.

Now enjoy the clip from the Idols performing Shout To The Lord.

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