Friday, May 29

iPhone Mini

The latest iPhone Mini

Looks familiar with the single button menu and all?

Well, not quite. Though it looks kinda real at one glance, only smaller, do not be fooled. It's actually one of those China fakes that looks as real as it can get.

Upon checking out the Menu icons, you'll soon notice that it's so Chinese that it has got 'Lottery' instead of 'Stocks' as in the real iPhone. *lolx*

Sized smaller than Nokia's 5800 XpressMusic

Those chinamen immitate the whole thing so well that even the shiny-black metal body looks and feels the same minus the apple logo.

16GB? No way!
The phone memory is just sufficient to make the phone work.

To top it all up, it has also got the 'Slide To Unlock' feature!!!

There goes all the hype on the 2000 bucks iPhone 3G that was just launched recently


EVo said...

I want! how much ah? got warranty onot? how many features of iphone does it not have? or rather i should many features of iphone does it have? lol..

Baldwin said...

me not selling dude..the owner said it cost bout 700 bucks.

Menu looks about the same, jst tht the screen contrast is more or less simiar to to other china makes and of course the 'vain-springy' vibrator feel.

No 3G, wifi nor GPS. At least 2 layers of the menu looks similar.

eg: Root menu > Dialer.

cayman yong said...

hey baldwin!

i got the mini iPhone for sales.. selling it for RM500. not second hand. is first hand.. my aunt has a few and wants to sell it. LOL...

Evonne said...

-________- imitation! i as a lawyer will sue you!! XDDDD

anoo said...

I got impressed on this mobile, i am having an idea to buy this, but i am having samsung 804ss it was unlocked by unlock-code where i bought the code. Now shall i resale this samsung & buy the mobile

Baldwin said...

cayman: tks for the info. Anyone wants it? Contact Cayman.

Evonne: not scared of u.. =p

Anoo: do note the reliability issues of China phones.

Jeffrey Choong said...

Where can compete? haha...

iPhone will still be an iPhone no matter what. Is an image and a style.

I won't be caught using a sonia instead of a sony. So pirated la!