Thursday, March 19

iPhone 3G in Malaysia!

After all the hype about the iPhone...I finally got my hands on it's latest 3G model.
Just to try out that is.

Cool user interface thats sure to attract plenty of attention

Thanks to my bro, I got to experience its fantabulous much talked about User Experience compared to other iPhone wannabe's like my 5800 XpressMusic.

Just by having the iPhone at hand, I suddenly realized that my 'look-cool' factor has increased; so much even if you have really low self-esteem or that sort, having an iPhone would've raised ur coolnest factor by a 100% !!..*lol

Apple iPhone vs Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Unlike the 5800, the iPhone uses a capacitive resistive touch scren and requires bare skin to activate its interface.

This unit comes preloaded with a truckload of cool goodies (Apps, Magic Tricks, etc)

Shiny black brushed metal back thats prone to smudges just like the ipod

Not gonna ruin it all by revealing too much details here, as you should go check out its launching by Maxis this weekend at KLCC.

For full tech specs of the iPhone 3G, read here


小澤 (DSvT) said...

Your new gadget? Izzit... So cool~
I really hope to have it...
But... no $$$

Leonard said...

Ahem !

i am for who i am said...

Ah bald, are you intend to buy one too

yau wei(wendy) said...

Nice phone..ish ish ish!!

Ambo said...

I just let go my iphone 3g.. wanna buy new nokia 5800