Monday, March 23

@Dessert's Bar

Spent my Saturday snacking at Dessert's Bar with Phoebe.

Since both of us are curious to try out the food there and also to 'rescue' little miss Phoebe from her 'chap-fan dilemma', we agreed to go check out the much talked about Dessert's Bar located in the Golden Triangle

The voucher entitles us to 5% off the total bill & also 10% of the sales will go towards City Harvest - Arise & Build.

One of the many creatively-designed menu

So now we can stuff ourselves knowing that the more we eat, the more funds will go towards Arise & Build.

First up:

Uber-delicious fruit smoothies

Main Course:

The highly recommended Monte Sandwich

Check out the menu, I'm indeed 'brave' to be eating it.. *laughs*


Banana cake with ice-cream & Lychee+strawberry cake

Spent like 3 hours catching up on loads of stuff after the filling snack...... *burps*

We ordered another round of drinks, TEA that is..

Queen's Tea & Honey-Lemon Tea

Here's Phoebe making her 'honey-lemon' tea

Phoebe playing 'masak-masak' with her cuppa tea

And by the way, bubbly, babyface Phoebe's a vocal powerhouse currently involved with The Canticle Singers.

Phoebe & I at Dessert's Bar

Gotta leave soon after to head over to KLCC for the iPhone launch.

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