Tuesday, March 24

Sunburst Music Festival 2009

The annual SUNBURST Music Festival is back!

Got there in time for the moon to start showing up due to the jam in the city.....

Speed Zone's Red Dome - Joey G on the deck with some F1 simulators inside

Was chillin' out when a friend told Leo and I to swap our spectacles and the hat....
Now this is exclusive as u'll only get to see it ONCE.... I call it 'the swap'

so here we are.

Any similarities?

Anyway, after bummin' around the polo field, we made our way to the Silent Disco Arena and found everything to be 'muted'.

It was so quiet at this corner, u can almost hear the crickets.

Here we are at the Silent Disco where everyone's on headphones

Looks really weird if one were to walk past this place as people are head-banging in a silent atmosphere.

Over at the sun & sky stage, here's what's happenin' :

Crowd cheers on with N.E.R.D on stage

Pharrell Williams; the frontman of N.E.R.D got the crowd happily 'bouncing' for an hour before the band everybody was waiting for took over on the other stage.

Crowd went wild when KORN came on stage

Jonathan Davis and the band opened with Right Here, Right Now.

The hyped up crowd started head-banging and body-slamming almost immediately which then turned into a mosh pit.

Though it's so-NOT my type of music, nevertheless, I enjoyed myself looking at the crazy rock fans get F***ed around by KORN....*lol

Here's some bits for all you KORN fans out there:

By the way, a member of KORN left the band sometime last year for the real ROCK in our lives.

Yups, he got saved & turned away from his KORNy acts. *lol

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