Monday, May 4

Lee Hom Music-Man Concert 2009

It was a HOManiac saturday evening at Bukit Jalil stadium as my friends and I joined the crowd of over 25,000 people at the concert arena to watch Lee Hom on stage.

Lee Hom's entrance via his 'space-ship'

The concert theme Music-Man reflects his fondness for manga and comicbook superheroes like Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Watchmen.

Showcasing his latest G-Clef dragon-shaped electric guitar, dubbed 'Bahamut' (dragon-king) costing over USD 25,000!

Music-Man and his weapon; Designed by famed Irish guitar master, Alistair Hay

With over 15 million records sold and four-time Golden Melody Award-winning singer-songwriter on stage, fans expected nothing less than a spectacular concert that nite.

The Lee Hom quadruplets got the crowd all confused whether Lee Hom was the drummer guy in blue.

His stage performance was great and besides the dance moves and *coughstandingonpianocough*, he even did a disappearing act from a box on stage and appearing from a stage in the middle of the crowd.

During one of the breaks between songs, the
HOManiacs Fan Club of Malaysia presented Lee Hom a birthday gift.

Lee Hom checking out the "172 seconds of birthday wishes for you" cd.

It's actually a short video clip of fans wishing him Happy Birthday which was on May 17th.

The fans were simply fantastic as their vocal echoed much louder than that of the gigantic line array speakers especially on the familiar tunes to which I joined them as well.

Fans seated till the utmost top row of the stadium

Lee Hom sang a total of 28 songs that nite, mostly killer-ballads from his previous albums.

The concert ended on a high note and left fans in awe wanting more.
Looks like Music Man saved the day once again!


Jeffrey Choong said...

Fuyoh! Really like some comic drama. Awesome! Too bad I didn't go.

EVo said...

Gosh dude. after ur review im so going for the next homaniac concert wei!keep it coming yo!

Michelle said...

I love Music Man,I love tis concert very very much :)
Music Man concert is so fantastic..

Baldwin said...

Glad I didnt miss it this time!

It's a totally different experience in a live setting when u hear 25,000 people sing his songs in unison.

Totally spectacular! =)

Nick Chang journal said...

Good show.....nice concert!!!bravo~~

rachael said...

gosh!!!! I just miss that day so much... True enough what you were saying... It was spectacular... ;)
Btw, do u mind if i upload some of ur pics 2 my blog??? and do you have more???

MidnightGurl said...

wow! he's talented..
anyway..25000 ppl is alot!
haha wish i were one of 'em =X

mushroomhead said...

hi there, i went to the concert 2 and it was really awesome thou very hot... and nice pics u took :D

Gwennie said...

wah gor!!!! Lee Hom is sooo cute =/

and I love the dragon guitar.. darn! (: nice nice.

CC said...

u went???!!!

,, Quin Rinn♡ said...