Thursday, May 14

Mike weds Wendy

It was a joyous occasion over the weekend as another cousin of mine got married.

Arrival of the groom and his 'heng-tai's'

Acting cute as they're being tortured by the girls before gaining 'entry' to see the bride

The 'yam-cha' session.

Not quite our typical yam-cha at the mamak coz this one's quite costly, for every cup of tea that goes down your throat, you're obligated to either pay by cash or jewellery.

STRICTLY Cash & Gold Only!

The lovely newly-weds

Spotted someone familiar in the pix?

If you are in the blogsphere long enough, you would agree with me that the groom has a splitting image of Kenny Sia []

Oh well, Kenny's gotta seriously lose lotsa kilo's to get into this body shape.

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Andrea Kong said...

LOL. Kenny Sia is very chubby.