Monday, March 3

Waja CPS - Interior

The latest Proton Waja CPS - Minor Interior Makeovers. Surf over to the detailed comparison of Waja CPS & Campro here.

Besides the few things highlighted here, everything is the same as the previous batch of Waja Campro. Leather seats, Meter Panels (no optitron whatsoever), Double-deck console armrest -Front & Rear etc.

Gated shift. Good for aesthetics; A fuss to shift. Hard, creaky plastics that gets in the way of the shift from 'P' all the way down.

Air conditioning vents as per previous Waja Campro. New "soft-touch" fog, hazard & rear demister buttons. First button on the left is used to unlock the doors which is activated by the brake pedal.

Featured in this ride is a single-disc Clarion (35x4w) headunit powering 6 speakers that supports both MP3 & WMA files. Bluetooth feature is not available unlike the previous batch. Volume & Search controls are available on the steering just like old times. Sound quality has deteriorated compared to previous model. Somehow this unit sounded weaker although with improved MP3 folder browsing with auto title scroll.

Night illumination of the dash area.

A slight change in font type while whitish illumination remains.

Dual SRS airbags (Driver & Front Passenger). Note the change of color of Proton's logo.

Height adjustable Xenon headlamps and the switch for electric foldable side mirrors.

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BetaCub3 said...

wanna ask, when the buttons were pushed (say heater or fogs), will the colour change or remains the same white ?