Wednesday, July 15

Kuantan Getaway

The South China Sea & Hyatt awaits us.....

One of my favorite spots in Kuantan is this seafront McDonalds at Teluk Cempedak where it's just a stone-throw away from the sea.

Got myself a sundae cone and strolled along the sandy beach .....heavenly!

Thanks to Darren, who was very hospitable to bring us around Kuantan's best spots, here I am with Casey; my long time school buddy at 'Pantai Batu Hitam' a.k.a Black Stone beach.

The place was known to attract visitors coz of it's unique black stones but due to the rapid developments, there were only a handful left.

Another 'must-visit' spot in town - Mustafa's Cendol. Located along the road heading toward TC beach, it's a must have whenever one visit Kuantan. Tasty-smooth cendol served from 4pm onwards

Mustafa's ABC-Cendol

Had a filling dinner at 'Crocodile Rock' - a unique bungalow lot turned restaurant with nice food and great company before hitting the beach again sometime around midnite.

TC beach at 1am

The place was still packed with locals hangin' out on the beach at this time of the day, including 'Michael Jackson' *laughs*

Ok...maybe it's just a 'mat' MJ...well, at least it's not Mat Rempit, rite?

We too 'participated' in camwhoring along the beach like the rest and even tried but failed walking to Bay 2 in those pitch darkness.

Next morning, we set out early around 7am hoping to see the sunrise....but there wasnt any sign of it 'rising', so we took a walk over to Bay 2 instead.

See! a very cloudy Sunday morning

Did some rock climbing up the highest rock on Bay 2 .....and camwhored more!

Finally my pair of Crocs has landed on the highest rock at TC and for the very first time, 'cleansed' by the waters of the South China Sea.

I was also twittering & facebooking while lepaking on the highest rock hoping to see some sun....but it was too shy to make an appearance.

Anyway, took some shots..or maybe way too many 'retard' shots that can't be shown here....and we also engaged ourselves in some 'rock-lifting'.....


Just before we left for home, Darren treated us to Bayleaf, another great-spot for some fine western cuisine in Galing.

The portion of baked Salmon was really huge and tasty all for under 18 bucks! What a steal!

This place is highly recommended.

Pix with Darren @ Bayleaf

Will be back in Kuantan for more coverage of the hottest night-spots in town at the most happening club - After Seven and also Swing


小澤 (DSvT) said...

never been to kuantan...
Hopefully will go there some time in future...

pb said...

u going kuantan again?? wa... more frequent than me.. =/

wendyy said...

Actually it's not retard shots la.Still look okay ma.

EVo said...

Kuantan also got so many places to play?? i had no idea man. or was this as cherating or something?

Some of ur pics look just like ur bro wei. but i think u got more meat haha.

and LOL at the rock-lifting shots! xD

Baldwin said...

dsvt: u shld go visit. Nice place for a quick relaxation

pb: Ktn doesnt seem to far when there's good company =)

wendyy: =.='

EVo: Cherating has only got the sea..TC has got sea..and the 'attractions' in town. xD

Me no extra meat lar..same same only. *lol

AdaLia cmx said...

huaa~ i thot kuantan vr 'ulu' one. hahaha

Stanley said...

Its nice to go on a trip no matter the destination. Seems like you had fun leh! And everyone loves a good ABC/Cendol.

Tiffanie Tan said...

all hail KUANTAN. lol. maybe the next time u come u should try the Cendol at Air Putih pulak. And do rock climbing all the way to bay 3 pulak. And go to the beach NOT at 7am to see the sunrise. hahaha! sun may come out even before 6.30am. we use to wait from 5.30am, sun came out but the dark clouds were over it. and go to Sungai Lembing pulak at 4am and climb the Panorama Hill to see sunrise.

I haven even step in Swing and After Seven also. lol

Baldwin said...

yeahh.Kuantan rawwks..

Thanks for the recommendation. =)

Leonard said...

Ey... tht indian fella..

Wht's his name again ...

Hak CHAI !