Monday, July 6

Super Chic Sunday

Nothing could be better on a Sunday afternoon than to be sipping icy-cold drinks while mingling among HOT celebrities.

So, here I am (or rather, was) at Plaza Mont Kiara on a fine Sunday weekend 'celebrating' Serena C's birthday where she kinda organized this auction event supported by Mix FM at the flea market for the benefit of
Woman's Aid Organization (WAO)

Here's the birthday gal, Serena C.
('s supposed to be 3 fingers already)

and her HOT friends

A lineup of our local celebrities at their most casual

The place was buzzing with performances by artiste and also of course the auctioning of the belongings of our local celebs where all the proceeds goes to WAO

The bidding went on where we see genuine branded goods going on auction for a very charitable price.

Even funnyman Harith Iskander didnt miss a chance to bid and for this, he won a bid for that piece of fine dress which looks like it could fit really well on his..... left thigh *lol*

Know you guys wouldn't wanna miss out on this one.

Well now, go on and's our sweetheart-celebrity, Hannah Tan

Looking all pretty and sweeter than ever with her new hairdo

Us "celebrity wanna-be's" with Serena C.

Witty hosts for the day

And finally...... the man himself - FERHAD

Ferhad on stage with Jingles

You've just gotta check out the short snippet of Ferhad's rendition of Michael Jackson's - You Are Not Alone

Simply amazing vocals coming live from the man himself.

Check out: [] for pix of your favorite local celebrities!


小澤 (DSvT) said...

Hannah Tan is really sweet de...
So lucky to photo together with her...
Cheer~ man...

Stanley said...

Cool event! Lucky leh you get to rub shoulders with local celebrities.