Friday, September 26

Let There Be Light

After lookin' at all the fun Jaslynn was having with her cam, I decided to try it out myself.

Turned my room into complete darkness, set the cam to the 5 seconds shutter mode/Twilight (or whatever they call the slow mode), include a 2 second timer, switch on the flash of my phone and start my 'drawings' ...........

Single stroke artwork:

My first attempt to draw a star shape admist the glow-in-the-dark stars in my room.

After a few attempts, this looks better....

Trying to whip out the letter 'B' ....

I *heart* my someone & something

Taking it to the next level, I up the challenge and increased the strokes on my artwork so that it doesnt look as though everything is joined together.

Everybody..... *smile*

After many messy pieces, I've finally got it... My initials on 2 seperate strokes.

Nice or not?


VON said...

nice nice nice!!!!!!!!!!!! very nice........teach me!!!! really amazing haha!!!!!!!!

eunice said...

ooOOoooo...soooo cooool (:

careen said...

nice! still don't understand how u did it but, nice!!! :)