Tuesday, October 7

Raya in Melaka

It was the first day of the Raya holidays when we decided to take a drive down to Melaka for some jalan-jalan and also coz Angie from Australia came back for a visit.

The usual short drive turned out to be a really long one coz the town was PACKED...and I mean REALLY PACKED with tourist from all over. Took us like 1.5 hrs from Ayer Keroh toll to the Stadthuys.

Anyway, we ended up at a unique lil shop just beside Jonker Street. that sells some really yummylicious tarts and ice-cendol. *drools*.

A must try for tart lovers! The place is called.. the Tart-Tart Shop. *weird...i know..*

Gotta be one of the most heavenly-tasting 'ice-cendol' around...

Various types of delicious tarts; here's Orange, Kiwi, Durian and the traditional flavored tart.

Fancy signages in 'The Orang Utan Shop'. No pix are allowed..but..what da heck..am a tourist.. =p

Walking further into Jonker Street, I find myself indulged into the classic building structures, the things on display and the community admist the busy surroundings. Even this pix I took looked as though its something taken out from the 60's.

Melaka in the 60's

Then I stumbled upon this on display outside a shop.

A unique collection of glass bottles for soft drinks in the old times.

Back to reality, the Chicken Rice served in this shop has gotta be real good as the crowd just came non-stop the whole time I was there.

*pose pose...gotta collect royalty fees from them already

It's so packed that we didnt even go take pix at Stadthuys or those famous tourist spots. Even stopping halfway to take a pix of the Melaka River Cruise was near impossible with the amount of people on the streets that day.

a stinky sight of the Melaka River & the river cruise

After all the walking, we headed over Dataran Pahlawan Mall for Starbucks to kill time while waiting for other friends to join us at Mc Quek for Satay Celup.

The fresh seafood and vege there just makes one's stomach go growling......Of course I was already drooling the time I dip the meat and other stuff into the very rich & boiling peanut paste...Oooo...the sensation!

All this happened even before the juicy food was in my mouth.

Drooling now?..

If not, await the upcoming post on my 3 day getaway to food-haven Penang!

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