Wednesday, October 8

My Birthday Getaway To Penang - Day 1

Packed my bags and left for Penang - the food haven for a 3 day getaway!

Besides the glorious food, one of the reasons I love going to Penang is coz of the unique ferry ride across from Butterworth to Georgetown. Nowhere else in this country u'd get this rite?

I was so excited from the moment we queued to get into the ferry till we disembarked. The sea breeze was refreshing and err...sticky!

Awaiting to dock at the "Pearl Of The Orient" - Penang

Checked into the hotel for a quick shower before quickly made our way out to where the all the buzz is: Gurney Drive!

It's also the place where I found the G-Spot... *kekeke.. at a very zen hotel along Gurney Drive called the g-Hotel. Should've stayed here instead! Darn!

presenting....the G-Spot!

The zen interior of g-hotel's lobby

Well, we then made our way to the oh-so-famous hawker centre only to be greeted by a whole load of crowd!

Packed like crazy! It was even near impossible to squeeze myself in there. The smell of food is so very tempting, it's luring people from all directions.

Hawkers at Gurney Drive boasts a wide variety of food that satisfies most gluttons

So we walked out from the overcrowded place to take some pix before storming in 20 minutes later.

Yups...this is Gurney Drive at night and that's the face of someone who drove 5 hrs to Penang.

Now, go ahead and drool people!! Just one of the stalls tht I managed to take a pix. This stall is said to sell the most delicious seafood goreng stuff.

Feast yourselves people!

After feasting on many different variety of delicacies, we finally gave up. The char kuey teow with 6 HUGE prawns, fried stuff, desserts, rojak & others proved to be too much for our stomach in 2 hours. Was so busy eating till completely ignored the chance of taking pictures of the food.

Took a drive around Georgetown after dinner to look see-look see the town before heading back to our hotel to get some rest and recharge for the next day.

A brightly-lit street in Georgetown with uniquely painted color-combi shophouses

Good night Georgetown, will conquer u the next day!

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