Thursday, October 9

My Birthday Getaway To Penang - Day 2

Our resolution to watch sunrise from Penang Hill at 6:30 am proved to have failed...*lol partly due to our wine session to celebrate my birthday at midnite.

Anyway, we woke up at 10 a.m and drove out to town to have brunch at Jalan Anson after driving aimlessly going round the town not admitting we're lost where it is known to serve one of the best tasting dim sum in town.

Dim sum for me please.....NO chicken backside

Ate so much of the delicious dim sum and egg tarts that I became so full it felt like I just had a 10 course meal!

The short drizzle was a blessing as it took away some heat just before our excursion up Penang Hill.

It's ancient but it still works!

Splended view of Georgetown from the hilltop. Penang Bridge is on the right side.

Pop by at Kek Lok Si Temple; Another tourist attraction in the island located just nearby Penang Hill.

That's my Rooster zodiac according to the Chinese calendar. *pinch pinch*

Georgetown is so diverse in it's heritage that it boasts of Chinese, Indian, Malay and also European cultures in it's building structures.

We went around town and checked out some Siamese temples hidden somewhere in the corner of town.

Majestic looking Siamese temple

Just right opposite the road is the famous Reclining Buddha statue.

My legs are so tired after all the walking I could probably recline in the same manner on the drivers' seat, i tell u...

Read from the tourist guide that it's toe nails are made out of seashells

Candles that lights up the altar

Later at night, I met up with my much talked about genius cousin & the family for the very first time; on our birthday!

Seng Chee & I

the Penangites; my aunt (in green) and the rest of Uncle Teh's sis, mom & nephew+niece

Visited my aunt at her house in Bayan Lepas area after dinner and catch up a bit before we head back to town.

KFC outlet in a Colonial style building

Then, went to meet some friends in a corner street in town where the lights are brighter and the music is louder... YES! it's where nightlife comes alive!

Clubs & nightlife in Georgetown; Check out Momo & Slippery Senoritas

No clubbing for me.. just hang out awhile with friends and then took a drive to Batu Ferringhi area before calling it a day.


kar wai said...

Wow bro I took that ANCIENT train all the way up too HAHAHA but nothing much up there la

QuaChee said...

reading yr post reminds me that penang really has it all :)