Thursday, October 9

My Birthday Getaway To Penang - Day 3

It's the last day of my getaway and the weather has been really beautiful despite the reported landslides and heavy rain just days before we arrive.

Felt so blessed with such fine weather, good fun and of course not forgetting the glorious food!

View from my room. The sea & skies are clear with no signs of tsunami

Intended to go for a swim in the pool and show off my bones but it was kinda crowded, so decided to walk to the beach instead.

Soft & white sands awaits! I went straight into the sea while leaving the cam to do its stuff.

Like the 'bubbles'?.. made it out of seashells & of course my pair of Crocs being abdandoned while I go barefooted into the sea.

Lotsa lovely looking seashells were found on the beach

Checked out from hotel and left for brunch at Pulau Tikus area which I was told serve some delicious food as well.

Heck, the whole of Penang serves good food!

Claypot chicken rice with eggs + chinese sausages. *drools*

Here's the famous Ghee Hiang 'heong peng' shop in Penang which sadly has ran out of stock by the time we reach due to the high demand during the few days break.

Sharing is caring...come on..just one bite!

Just before getting out of Penang island, we visited Fort Cornwallis; the historical site where it all began.

Ok..I dont do fishing; Just borrowed the fishing rod from an uncle to camwhore..*lol

Fort Cornwallis, the spot where Captain Francis Light landed in 1786 was named after Charles Marquis Cornwallis, a distinguished Governor General of India, and designed as a defense against the French, Kedah, and pirates.

Some history lesson for all:

Fort Cornwallis was one of the first European structures in Penang. After Captain Francis Light officially took possession of the island on August 11th 1786, development of Penang began from this point.

Captain Sir Francis Light; Founder of the British Colony of Penang & Georgetown in 1786

With the many used-to-be prison cells converted into exhibition rooms, much history were revealed in here. Artifacts, family trees and even the bolts and nuts used for construction of this fort were on display in these cells turned gallery.

Here's one exhibit that caught my attention while we were seeking refuge from the hot sun in the air-conditioned cells.

Colonel William Light; Founder of Adelaide in Australia.

Born in Kuala Kedah, grew up in Penang and was sent to England for studies.

Col. William Light; This potrait was presented to the museum of Penang by the nice people of Adelaide.

pssst... William is the illegitimate son of Capt. Francis Light *hehe

Walking around the interesting fort, we found an underground hideout.....

An underground armour room where bombs and gunpowders were kept

Took us slightly more than an hour to tour around the fort before we finally left and queued for ferry to get back to Butterworth.

Sailing boats docking at the jetty area just beside the ferry terminal

Saying our goodbyes to Penang we left at about 5pm..........

Ferry ride back to Butterworth once again. Lovin' it!

.......only to be stuck in a massive crawl on the expressway for 6.5 hrs before we could reach Ipoh!

They were no accidents but rather the extremely heavy traffic on the expressway due to the long holidays.

And so we finally got to Ipoh around midnite, satisfied our glutton needs and zoomed back to Seremban in a short & exciting 2.5 hrs drive.

Tearing down the highways at 200km/h

It was a worthwhile & memorable trip surrounded with good food & great company.

Penang, u've made me a glutton!

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