Tuesday, September 23

Waja Crash : A real life NCAP Test

Most people including myself have been a sceptic over the ratings by Euro NCAP especially when it comes to our local makes.

This morning, I finally got to witness how an Euro NCAP 3 star <--click on words for link> rated vehicle fair in real life situations on our boleh-land trunk roads.

So, how do you turn THIS:

into THIS:

Note the Balai Polis is just less than 30 metres away... *LOL

Introducing the tall & tough opponent:

A quick and untimely defeat; Uprooted and broken into 2 pieces in a blink of an eye!


No test dummies on this one, just that the dumb driver was speeding and attempted some zig-zagging action when it lost control and went HEAD-ON with it's ultimate opponent.

It hit the TNB pole so hard it sent shockwaves and blackouts across a 5 mile radius that the Waja got flung around and landed in the bushes.

The driver and 2 passengers walked out completely unharmed by the crash. No broken bones, twisted arms and signs of whiplash injuries on them.

Here's ME trying to do the Jeremy Clarkson thing by imagining I'm hosting Fifth Gear and showing off to the the crowd the results of this crash test attempting to open the front doors to see whether the passenger area has been compromised.

Why my FACE got censored ahhh???. Mr.Camera man!!

Not bad! The impact of the accident failed to upset the tough chasis and DID NOT go beyond the A-Pillar into the passenger compartment, thus the door can still be opened without a glitch.

Conclusion: Waja vs TNB pole : A draw. 0-0

To sum it up, here's a video of the crash test carried out in the NCAP labs proving further the rigidity of the car's chasis in protecting it's occupants.


VON said...

huh!!! is the owner of the car alright????????

....drive safe o!!

Baldwin said...

all 3 of them is alive n kicking...*lol