Friday, September 19

Calling all musicians in Malaysia to unite at

The latest portal to gather talented musicians like yourself with a dedicated page of Artists & Bands for you to check out in which you can also add your band's website in there as well.

A buy & sell music portal to showcase your creativity and make known your tunes to the world plus a comprehensive database of the coolest and reasonable Jamming/Recording studios in your area.

Besides the forums, events and affiliations listing, there's even a Band Name Generator if you're still clueless on what to name your band.

Check out more cool stuff `bout by clicking on the image.

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VON said...

hey ur blog very cool!!! i like the pic with the piano!! is that ur room???? i think u are a talented guy in music!!! guess what i play piano as well ^^
thanks for ur compliment and really take me more courage to walk into my dreams! btw....whats is ur dream?hehe..