Monday, September 8

Paulians 82nd Anniversary Dinner

It was a trip down memory lane for fellow Paulians when we gathered for the 82nd Anniversary Dinner organized by the Old Paulians Association which sees a turnout of over 1000 people at Royale Bintang Hotel Seremban.

It's an annual event to reunite all Paulians to catch up on one another and reminisce our good ol' school days.

Since it was my first time attending this event, I was really looking forward for it to meet up with buddies whom I've not seen since we left school over 10 years ago.

Class of 98

It has gotta be one heck of a year for the teachers at SPI coz' this batch of ours has been infamously known as one of the most mischievous students of our times before the 'demerit points' system was introduced.which turned SPI into a sissy school.

L-R: Chee Ven, Me, Roy & Roland

Timmy - One of my first few buddies from SPI Primary.

Most of us still look the same and as witty as we are back then despite some that has lost some hair and spot a bigger belly.

The notorious looking gang

More pix available here

Looking forward for a bigger Class of 98 gathering next year!
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