Sunday, July 18

Rentak Juara 2010 Finals - Concert & Band Pictures

Came to support my friends - Car Crash Hearts who made it to the FINALS of this band competition held last nite at the RTM Broadcasting Complex Seremban.

Little *BIG fan* of CCH

It came as a suprise that I was immediately offered a seat reserved for media when usherers spotted me with a dSLR in hand.

So there I was, seated right in front of the stage which made my FIRST full-concert shoot all possible!

Alda.Collin.Kevin.Aliff of Car Crash Hearts


Alda & Aliff

ENAVA showing their band's spirit of patriotism

Besides the 8 competing bands, there were also Special Appearance by veterans in the local music industry with the likes of Aweera, Ramli Sarip & AlleyCats just to name a few.

Man Kidal & Aweera

Dato' David of AlleyCats

'Papa-Rock' - Ramli Sarip

My fav keyboardist of the night sessioning for Ramli Sarip

And finally, a shot with the legend; Dato' David Arumugam of AlleyCats

You can go here for more detailed pictures of individual bands at the concert.

Feel free to tag your friends and band members!

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