Tuesday, July 29

EMERGE Go-Kart Competition

Updates 16 Aug 08: Read up on race day here
After my vanquished stint in the EMERGE Talentime competition, I'm now moving on to the next competition among the long list of 71; the Go Kart Competition.

Motor-heads & speed freaks are expected to drive like Schumacher on August 16th at Sunway Extreme Park. Knowing these bunch of overachiever teens, i'd better be racing with them in this:

*muahahaha....a super-fast force-induction Go-Kart!!


Leonard said...

When's the Preliminary Race again?

Baldwin said...

August 16th - 10AM.

Sunway Extreme Park.

DelvC said...

wah ..that go kart is too powerful mah ..if i drive belum corner already out of the track ..

Baldwin said...

fast like a rocket... *lol

Baldwin said...

fast like a rocket... *lol