Sunday, July 27

NUMINOUS - EMERGE Talentime Preliminary Weekend [V.U. Cluster]

The day that my band NUMINOUS and I have been waiting for is finally here!

Registered ourselves and was initially the 117th participant but sweet & bubbly; mummy-to-be Juli Joe has pushed us way forward to the 20th instead.

Lugged my 18kg MOTIF synthesizer to the hall and setup like lightning speed when it got to our turn; The intro bits featuring some trance/dance elements sure did wonders in kicking things off and the rest of it went well but due to time constraints, we didnt get to do my keyz solo part & the climax of the song...but was all good =)

In short, all the participants and also the 6 bands that performed today were superb and at some point entertaining. It's now up to the judges decision to determine who will make it to the finals.

*keeps fingers and toes crossed that we will make it to the finals*

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