Wednesday, July 2

Campro Exhaust System Mods

I know its no biggie to mention about my Campro exhaust modification done on a puny lil' engine like this but anyone who drives a Proton powered by this 110bhp Campro engine especially an auto transmission one would have their sad tales to relate on the torque-dip issue in the most crucial RPM range that affects the driving pleasure & dynamics on a so-called Lotus handling car.
Well, if you have lost hope in getting rid of its 'lazy' nature, fret not coz it's not what it may seemed to be after all.

Although I've promised myself I'd never mod the car, the 'mod itch bug' had bitten me again and to back me up on this, someone once said that:
"Guys and their cars are just like girls to fashion. It just never ends".

So... after a list of electronic gizmo's I've installed in which I hate to be reminded due to the cost ($$$), this is the first step I took in upgrading it's performance.

Here it goes:

4-2-1 extractor (includes removal of the Catalytic Converter) ~ my apologies to Mother Nature.

2 mid boxes for back pressure retention & noise suppression

Twin-tip (ala CPS) S-flow Muffler (stainless steel body & wire mesh in the chambers instead of the short lifespan fibreglass material)

Getting rid of the restrictive OEM muffler

Stock 4-1 exhaust manifold (with o2 sensor attached) being REPLACED with a 4-2-1 extractor.

2 stainless steel mid bullets in place

Job completed; Stainless steel S-flow muffler with twin tip.

Results proved to be fantastic!

Acceleration & engine response has improved tremendously so is the overall power delivery across the RPM range. The usual torque dip region at 2000-3500 RPM is no longer that noticeable.

The century run is now comparable to a Ferrari under 11 seconds with the revs willingly soar to the redline in each gear propelling the heavy Lotus tuned chasis from a standstill to 190kmh effortlessly.

With all this modifications in place, I've also managed to record lower fuel consumption plus a quieter, smoother & a much more responsive engine.

OEM looks and it's really quiet. Only a very low bassy rumble is heard from the outside.

Tempting? Check out the full scoop in my forum post:


aizam said...

hi bro, i juz want to ask, did u compare ur new exhaust setup with the R3 setup? which one have less flow restriction?

Baldwin said...

I didnt do any comparisons with the R3 set up for I've heard from some who have installed the complete R3 exhaust setup that they were disappointed coz it's noisy and record a higher fuel consumption.

Anonymous said...

bro... how much did u spend eh?
all at one time or periodically...
for neo would u suggest this..

Blow Water Guy 吹水佬 said...

i m driving Saga BLM....wish to install 4-2-1 extractor too...

the O2 sensor still install back to the new 4-2-1 extractor right??

whr you mod it?? and how much??

hehe...waiting to you reply..

Baldwin said...

it's done in a reputable exhaust shop in Puchong.

Contact me at for the shop details:

KEM said...

if anyone in PENANG OR SG PETANI want to tune thier campro engine exhaust system will recommend one over here

Sam said...

sungai petani?

which area? tune exhaust or modify exhaust?