Tuesday, August 7

Proton's Pride & Joy

After all the advertisement hype and teasers, not forgetting the countless spy pix and info's from paultan's site.....the new pride & joy of Proton (rumoured to be Proton Persona) has finally been SPOTTED !

Priced between the range of $45-55k price bracket, lets hope this model wouldnt be another flop for this dying company.

Equipped with the Campro 1.6L engine developed in collaboration with Proton & Lotus, the auto transmission for this model comes with a new TCU (Transmission Control Unit) which provides a better shifting pattern compared to its predecessors. It is still unsure if this new model will come with the much talked about CPS (the variable valve thingy) though.

Well, at least its reassuring to know that the top-of-the-range model (High Line) comes with dual airbags, ABS, wateva other gizmo's and of course....*taddaaa* -Remote Trunk Release on the alarm control module with your car keys. Its about time Proton throws in these lil' extra's..

According to some Proton insiders, this model has a higher headroom for the rear passengers, larger boot space (bigger than that of the Waja's), and other tiny details like the change of the interior color scheme, redesigned handbrake lever (the famous samurai sword on the Gen2), relocated power window switches to the doors, extra cupholders and completely foldable rear seats. (more family oriented model)

For more info and the see-it-to-believe experience, guess we've gotta wait till 15th August for the launch, OR alternatively, you could always go to paultan's site where all the latest scoops are.

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