Tuesday, August 14

KL -August 11th

Was in town to meet up with Michel who's down in kay-el for`bout a week alongside her sidekick Ms.Pearl Milk Tea Sucker Champ -Andrea... (named her that coz I was defeated by her in gettin all the "pearls" outta the cup of milk tea)...oh well.. anyway..

we were all Mid-Valley's McD meeting & catching up my long-lost son..the ever so famous... -Jon Chu alongside Miki and Kay Jin for an hour or so before goin round shopping. Too bad my bad son deleted a pix of himself feeding me fries!! *Father & Son bonding it seems...haha!

As you can see, I'm with 2 "professional" shoppers which is busy picking and choosing their stuff...which are on 50% discount!

Then we spotted some kids just staying glued in front of a video store screening some cartoons(which is a very rare sight if you handle kids a lot..) and looking so adorable.
Later in the evening, we managed to pop by CanaanLand for some stuff before making a visit to City Harvest Church in Sunway for their weekend service with a renowned pastor from New Zealand -Ps.Mike Connell.

The service that evening was truly an awesome one not only coz of the whole idea of visiting a church which is known for its settings but an awesome presence of God in using Ps.Mike to heal & deliver people from whatever that their suffering both physical and spiritual.

I've learned that leaving the whole outing itinerary to Him is always the best as goin' round town with the unpredictable traffic is just impossible to plan anything at all..., and so I finally found myself ended up in Kepong (all the way from USJ) having dinner at Korean Restaurant with a whole bunch of PK's! How honorable is that!!?

OK..so a blogger's blog isnt gonna be complete without at least one pix on food... so here it is.. some Korean Beef Rice with all the kimchi, side dishes as well a really fresh glass of Kiwi juice to bring a close to a great day.

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