Wednesday, August 15


This post is requested by none other than my best buddy..Alvin Lai.

I'm supposed to post up some pix of our past adventures, annual trips and any of those sorts.. So to celebrate his return and quitting his job in Vietnam, here are some flashbacks from last few years..

Annual CNY outing to Fraser's Hill in 2003
L-R : Me, Meng Kean & Alvin

The legendary car that took us from skipping classes in Form 5 (1998) to skipping college (1999-2002) ..till now. Alvin's ride went through 3 times of color change in the last 9 years. Its a legend not coz its gonna be classified as antique in 5 more years but coz of its bullet-proof engine that withstand our years of torture and not forgetting the occasional saturday nite "races" in town.

Our annual CNY trip to Genting in 2004

Most of you wouldnt have known me when I was driving this lil' car 4years ago; the now extinct Proton Tiara. Had quite some good fun with it for `bout a year and a half before I got rid of it after it died on me when i was in Bangsar and also coz some lorry hit me from the back.

Genting in October 2006.

Wish we had digicams and camera phones back then in school to capture even more. Well, now that you're back, let the good times roll through our
10 years of friendship!..

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