Saturday, August 25

Movies Week

Been spending EVERY nite out in the cinema last week...and it's been really interesting.

Movies that I've watched:

An interesting teen flick that's quite entertaining as it started off with a troubled teen that has been "home-jailed" for hitting his tutor. Staying home and unable to go past the perimeter of his house, Kale decides to venture into voyeurism instead. Cute new neighbour, a crazy buddy and a serial killer living next door.. go figure...

Disney & Pixar never fails to make a rodent looks adorable. In this case, its a rat!. and a rat that can COOK ! Very adorable 2 hour animation that brings u into the world of the rodents with human contact. Very entertaining.

Jay Chou's first attempt in directing a movie has really paid off in this romance drama. The movie starts off with Jay enrolling himself in a pretigious music/creative arts school and before you know it, the scenes has already drawn you into the fantasy world. Remember, this 'Secret' is not to be told to anyone who's yet to watch this movie. Intriguing storyline & fabulous soundtrack.

Highly recommended. Very "lummmm".....

And finally, a terribly and i really mean TERRIBLE watered down version of the Fast & Furious sequel. Lame story line and jokes. Same few cars, same streets (track). VERY fake CGI ! As in every "car racing" movie, there's a chick..and the one in this is definitely NOT worth a second look..

Just lousy! Waste of time and money to watch this one. Can't believe I'm being entertained by 90mins of lame dialogue lines...*pukes* .

Now that's what i call a "productive week".

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