Friday, January 25

Just Fooling Around

Made a short overnite trip to Genting and it was really cold the nite I got there, so didnt really get to camwhore ....but... it got so bored the 2nd day that I went to poke some fun at...well..some ancient Chinese figures.....

or was it ME that got poked?
 caught on camera trying to 'steal' some foodstuff...!#$$%^

Tis guy here is reading out my punishment....*lets take a peek*

Here's a rocker (check out the hand sign) that freed me from the 'punishment' ..but there's a catch. He's requesting for one last mischief.. *hmmm..

HA! got caught on cam again!

Mission accomplished! U're da' man!

Ok..the peeps here are shutting me off already!....darn!..

*they say yawns are infectious.....hmm..

Till next time.... Adios!

1 comment:

joanne liyeng said...

omg you're hilarious. =)