Friday, October 17


Had a nite out with my buddies at one of the 'in-places' these days. - the "cheong-k" spots.

Filled with food and of course a busload of ah beng's and la-la taiwan actress wannabe girls, the reception area was decorated with a horrendous looking 'halloween themed' zombies with a bible placed on top of those yin-yang design deco paper. *lame*. I mean..come on, since when the bible has got anything to do with halloween!??

It was so long ago that I last patronized these places that little did I know these joints no longer charge by the hours but per entry which includes a buffet meal so that you have the energy to burp sing to your heart's content all night long;
Which interestingly I did and it went on for like 5 hours! I'm like Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Westlife, Sean Kingston, Boyz II Men, David Tao, Jay Chou and everything in between all in one nite!

Oh yeah, and how could we not forget the LAMEST thing that happened during our singing session when a "vampire-looking" figurine just barged into the room and give a loud RrrRRAWWWWW* which failed to interrupt us and began asking for the talisman (fu).. u know... that yellow piece of paper used to stick onto the vampires forehead? Weird rite? Vampire asking for talisman. *lol

Had some good fun and now looking forward to the weekend for another round of David's life-changing-destiny shaping messages at City Harvest KL.

Maybe I should invite the vampire to try church instead.

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