Tuesday, March 10

Ipoh - Lotsa Food & A Wedding [part 1]

Went to Ipoh for a food trip my cousin's wedding over the weekend with my bro and cousin.

Reach Ipoh just slightly before noon and went straight to where the famous "satay-intestines" were sold. Among the food we sapu were the super smooth hor-fun, juicy taugeh's, curry mee and popiah..
One just couldnt imagine what a glutton we could be...we were so full and stretched in our bellies after a quick meal like that.

These are the Ipoh "must-have" dishes

After the sumptious brunch, we took a drive around the very scenic Ipoh and headed towards Taiping.

Traffic in Ipoh is seriously SLOW...with everyone just cruising along not rushing anywhere.

We then went 'long-kai' in classic Taiping for about an hour or so before heading back to Ipoh in its most jammed-up hour!..

Got caught in the after-hours jam (can't believe there's actually jam in downtown Ipoh) back to our hotel before freshening up for the wedding dinner....

YUP..thats what we're actually here for; my cousin's wedding! *laughs*

Here's a pix of my cousin - Kristin with the love of her life - Irving.

Kristin & Irving

Leo & I with Kristin & Irving

Bride & Groom with their parents.

Cathy & I with the newly-weds

After the dinner....... we went for MORE FOOD!!! ... this time at the famous roadside hawker stalls that's famous for their
tong sui & mussels (si-ham)

Check out the fresh mussels, dipped into spicy chilli sauce.

...to be continued...

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pb said...

walao.. mmg boleh makan.. i feel full reading ur post. hahah