Wednesday, March 11

Ipoh - Lotsa Food & A Wedding [part 2]

Woke up in Ipoh to a hungry stomach on Day 2 overlooking the land of awesome food and limestone hills.

View of the Ipoh Race Track from my room

Headed downtown Ipoh for the famous 'heong peng' followed by a visit to this shop which has been operating for the last 50 odd years!

That's Dariel cheerfully posing amongst the very tasty biscuits

My cousin - Cathy; buying loads of biscuits ranging from those that I've not seen for the last 10 years or so in the market.

Remember those small little hard-icing top biscuits, and the 'yee-chai-peng'?..'s all still sold here! And thats the shop owner who proudly claims that they've sold a certain type of biscuits for the last 51 years, when asked whether the biscuits were tasty.

Headed for brunch at some coffee shop in the corner of town where they serve really awesome-ly delicious yong tau foo and toast bread. It was so good, we ordered twice of the same food with Leo even ordering a whole bowl of those green chilli's with stuffed meat!

It's back to KL happily after all the food to soon realize that we've gotta find the lyrics and practice to a song that we last sang together when we were 12 years old! And we're finally doing it again tonite..after all these years.

Here we are, at the dinner venue in Tropicana.

The groom & I

My dad & I with the newly-weds after the 'tea-session'

Our cousins and aunts

Our gracious host for the weekend - Cathy & Dariel

Continuing the evening with the usual wedding dinner, cake-cutting, wine-pouring,..then came our 'moment'.

Our song
; -first and last heard back in the summer holidays in the early 90's is making a come back on this special occasion of Kristin's wedding

So here we are, reunited in a song:

The evening then continued with more yam-seng's and photo session...

Altogether now.... "Yammmmm-SennnnggggGGGGG"

Last but not least, meet Chien Hui, Kristin's cousin. Well, she's like the one and only cousin of Kristin that I've ever remembered....

Look at what a beauty she is now:

We used to spend our holidays together back in the innocent days and the last time we've met was like....ancient years..! *laughs*

Guys: Stop staring already!

Girls: Look at me instead.. =)


EVo said...

can i have chien hui's blog add?


looks like u had fun during d wedding. but sometimes they can be noisy but still boring.

anyway when's ur turn man?

Leonard said...

hey. U knw as i was scrolling and scrolling and after the tea ceremony pictures.. for a moment i got shock when I saw why there's two tall twins. (the picture with the aunts).. *laugh*

btw, chien hui is the kinda girl u shud go after lah.. adui..

and HEY EVO ! dont bother stalking ppl on facebook or blog k ? I'm watching u !


Baldwin said...

EVo: wah!...thts a quick move.

Leo: now u knw wht ppl say bout us looking 'almost' the same..and err..yeah..'the' type huh?