Thursday, February 26

Volkswagen Beetle At It's Finest

I was invited to meet Patrick who was a real fanatic and owner of two very well kept and fully restored Volkswagen Beetle.

Presenting, Miko ...

Miko is a bug manufactured in 1965; just got a new coat of 'classic-fade-looking' paint to compliment the era that it was from.

Well restored interior with materials imported all the way from Germany

Spanking 'new' looking steering, knobs and speedometer

The rare EMPI GTV emblem

This pre-1970 model has the fuel lid located in the front luggage compartment itself.

Original HELLA lights to illuminate the rear number plates
Note the tiny VW logo to determine its authenticity.

Check out the unique air-cooled engine bay that is being fully restored with performance cams and pistons which made this bug fast..and I mean..really FAST!
A Webber twin-carb is making its way into this engine bay really soon!
Also note the custom made aluminium plate to 'enhance' the effectiveness of the firewall as well to also further 'support' the original firewall in place.

BRM sport rims; Made in England. These wheels are the ones manufactured back in the era where its made of magnesium instead of the current alloy ones.

Volkswagen emblem uniquely positioned on top of the rear wheel arch - only for Canadian market.

Next up, meet Woggie, Patrick's daily ride for work and leisure.

A 1970 bug restored beautifully as well; equipped with an above average audio system with custom made panels for front component speaker system.

Note the very shiny hub caps.

Although a bit slow compared to Miko (the blue bug), Woggy takes Patrick from Nilai to Penang in a short 3.5 hrs!

Do drop Patrick an email at: for some info sharing among bug lovers.

Next up, a visit into the home museum of a true Volkswagen fanatic!

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