Sunday, June 15

Movie Premiere - Made Of Honour

The nice people at Advertlets Malaysia gave away a 223 tickets to one of the most anticipated romantic comedies this year, starring none other than Patrick Dempsey.

Advertlets Bloggers get to see it 2 days earlier before the movie actually opens!
BLOGGERS, lets pack TGV 1 Utama on June 17th, at 8:30pm!

A BIG thank you to the friendly neighbourhood spy creative
Jamie Liew for the free passes to this movie premier.

*big wide smiles*


case said...

After watching, lemme know whether it's good k?

If you so happen to have watched incredible hulk, lemme know too...


Case said...

Wah you camwhore so much, the mirror is gonna break into pieces!

Baldwin said...

hi cason,

thts wht digicam's are for...