Monday, June 16

Gary Chaw a.k.a. Cao Ge in Seremban???


ok.... So I was kehpoh and detoured to S2 - Garden Ave. just to watch the FREE live concert IN A PETROL STATION & camwhore snap some pix of Gary.

But looks like he FFK-ed..

Pix taken at 6:20pm. One small little tent and no signs of the pop star.

Pix taken at 6:30; STILL NO SIGNS of Gary.....

Elderly uncle and aunties that looks like they just came out from the shower room probably freaked Gary out that the poor fella went into hiding coz he made an appearance later that evening in Jusco.



JON WONG! u'd betta not be kidding me on this one!

What the heck is a pop star like Gary Cao Ge doing in a petrol station????

YES! This IS the Gary Chaw that did the cheesy mandarin cover version of Karyn White's - Superwoman.

You've probably guessed it by now why the price of petrol went up; To pay the appearance fee of a pop star!


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iCalvyn said...

he come to penang long time ago,i went to snap his pic... I like his song...