Thursday, June 19

Post: Made Of Honor Screening by Advertlets

Thanks to Advertlets Malaysia, over 200 bloggers got to watch the special screening of Made Of Honor at TGV, 1U on Tuesday nite.

Pix with Jamie who invited my bro and I for this event.

For the very first time, Malaysians bloggers were actually EARLY! Invitees were already lingering around the foyer of TGV an hour before showtime with lotsa' cam clicking action goin around.

Pix by SmashpOp

Pix by SplashMilk

Here's the synopsis of the movie from Rotten Tomatoes:

Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey leads this big-budget romantic comedy, making optimal use of his many swoon-inducing charms. Dempsey is Tom, a wealthy womanizer living the high life in New York City. He happily hops from bed to bed, living by a firm set of rules that keeps him from becoming romantically entangled with anyone. The only woman he makes time for is his dear college friend, Hannah (Michelle Monaghan), whom he sees weekly, and whom he adores.

When Hannah suddenly takes off for Scotland on a job assignment, Tom misses her terribly,

and has a dramatic realization about their relationship. He makes a plan to tell her about it as soon as she gets back, but of course she returns with a handsome Scottish fiancé (Kevin McKidd) in tow.

To make matters worse, she informs Tom that she must make wedding plans rather quickly, and would he please, please, please be her Maid of Honor? In typical rom-com fashion, the tale quickly escalates into over-the-top, barely believable plot twists, forcing the viewer to turn a blind eye to any holes in the story and instead focus on the pretty clothes and Dempsey's dimples. It shifts into full-on fantasy mode, with rugged lads on horseback, Scottish castles, and gargantuan New York apartments that only Bill Gates himself could afford. Monaghan is likeable and lovely in her role as the confused bride, but the star here is undoubtedly Dempsey.

Overall, a rather entertaining romance comedy but gets a bit cheesy through halfway as all the events are rather predictable.

My rating: 7.5/10 (Recommended for a movie night out on a weekday)

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