Wednesday, June 11

a spy blogger.....EXPOSED!

Did it ever cross your mind that your friendly neighbour might be snooping on your every move?

NO!...not the ones that has the word I AM A SPY written all over the body...but in fact it looks something like.........


Jamie Liew ; your friendly spy-blogger-girl-next-door.
Doesn't look like she will bite you or anything but this girl here actually SPIED on her neighbour and literally 'kap' the neighbour like 24-7 till she actually spotted somethin interesting on the guy's LAPtop (as in the notebook computer -laptop):

YES..that uber cute looking wallpaper.

You can see how pro she is at this, till can snap a picture of it somemore; from across the house into people's room!

Now does anyone knows where to get that wallpaper or whatever that cute anime is called?.. Miss Jamie desperately needs to know.

Besides her routine snoop job, Jamie also design some really interesting greeting cards for every occasion. Do show some support by checking out her site.

PS : she is not really spying on her neighbour, just so by accident kepoh-ed over.


Anonymous said...

I might be spying on you too, Jamie! Watch out!

Jamie said...

im not spying on my neighbour OK! so happen that i saw only =P. and the wallpaper is damn cute! I WAN!

iCalvyn said...

jamie was cute