Saturday, February 26

Hello Australia - Part 1

Melbourne City

Was on a vacation Down Under during the CNY holidays. This post will be the first of a few on my break in Australia.

Getting around the city is easy. Just spot these signages around the city and hop onto the tourist shuttle where its free and takes one around tourist spots

Melbourne's Central Business District 

The century old St. Paul's Cathedral, right in the heart of the city. 
You definitely wouldn't miss it's grand stature as it's located just opposite Flinders St station.

Just a slight walk down the same road, you'll come to Hosier Lane
A lane dedicated to the people with creative juices for Graffiti

Walking around the city during the Chinese New Year festivities, we bumped into 'Choy San Yeh' and his followers

....who looks like he's in great need for a diet!

It is also in Melbourne that you actually find people QUEUING to get into Tiffany & Co.

One of the main attractions in Melbourne City is the Eureka Skydeck.

Having the observatory deck located at over 88-storeys high, one would get a fantastic view of the city from here

Got ourselves the Sun & Stars passes, we went up there twice!

The city definitely looks much more brilliant at night being illuminated.

Sliding back to reality....

In the next post... we shall visit some interesting places around the state of Victoria

Stay tuned!

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