Saturday, December 6

Global Brand Forum Malaysia Conference

Held at the Palace of the Golden Horses, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with the world's most influential brand gurus and practitioners who have created and advised the world's most powerful brands.

Featuring global powerhouses like:


MARTIN LINDSTROM; Youth Marketing Futurist

IVANKA TRUMP; Vice President ,Trump Organization [which sadly came in the form of a 3-d hologram image]

JOANNE OOI; Creative Director of Shanghai Tang

JIM STENGEL; Former Global Marketing Chief Officer , Procter & Gamble; President & CEO of the Jim Stengel Company

OLIVER STONE; Legendary Hollywood Director ['stoning' away on being an anti-brand]. Read up reviews on The Star Online here.

RIZ KHAN; Moderator for the Global Brand Forum 2007-2008

Costing over RM 4,800 per person for this conference, the impact and inspiration gathered from this conference has a value FAR more than the price of the conference itself!

Alvin Lai - One of my business associates and Marketing Strategist in the education sector

Here we are attending the forum on Strategies On Building SME Brands

Conference mates; Team from H-Factor: Hannah Tan, Sebastian, Myself & Alvin

Martin Lindstrom - Youth Marketing Futurist / Neuro-Marketing. Totally blown away by his buy:ology stuff.

Datuk K - probably the luckiest guy around as he's the hubby of our local pop-icon Siti Nurhaliza

This forum is definitely an eye-opener to me on how much impact BRANDING is to every individual and various industries today and not merely blindly advertising.

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congratulation.. u got the knowledge about how BRAND can be powerful things in business... if u dont mind can share with the blogger with your experient in this event.. thank you.

shahrul hairy shaharuddin