Saturday, July 14

Youth Alive - All Of The Above

Check tis' out:

Its not fresh outta the oven but its good stuff from YA Western Australia.

Recorded live at Summerfest November 2005 in Perth, the music concept of this 13 tracks CD definitely puts Youth Alive nestled somewhere between Hillsong United and Linkin Park. The "All of the Above" album boasts award-winning artists that have produced tracks, such as "God of Miracles", which have captured the attention of youth throughout the nations.

Youth Alive is one of Australia's biggest gospel rock acts, playing to tens of thousands of young people around the nation and throughout Asia each year and is getting strong reviews particularly the rocky praise and anthem-like worship numbers such as 'God of Miracles' and 'Hungry for More'. The 3 opening tracks alone are sufficient to keep u glued to this album right through to the last track which is a remixed version of the infamous "Tell the World" -sung in a way u've never heard before..

With the release of this brightly written & produced album, it definitely captured the passion of this generation.

Sample it here:

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J-Son said...

the Tell The World remix is AWESOME! haha...Crazy is oso kewl!! and definitely not forgetting All of The Above!!