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Hillsong Live-Saviour King

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Another great worship album from the renowned Hillsong Church..-

Saviour King

Recorded on Sunday March 18th 2007, after two and a half incredible days of the annual Hillsong Colour Your World Women's Conference in Sydney, Australia, the congregation of Hillsong Church gathered together as ONE in Sydney's largest indoor stadium 'Acer Arena', to unite ONE sound and record the latest Hillsong LIVE worship album.The atmosphere was electric, as the sound of over 13,000 worshippers reverberated throughout the auditorium... real people living real lives...singing, dancing and giving expression to the faithfulness of their God through wholehearted worship, led by Darlene Zschech and the team.

Some tracks kinda fall short of Hillsong's best, but tunes like Saviour King can be left on repeat mode on ur cd player for sometime coz of its great worship feel and its mixing stunning honest lyrics with a catchy memorable melody.

'To Know Your Name' is simply one of the best songs to have come out of Hillsong in recent years and other songs of note include Lord of Lords, One Thing and Hosanna and the two tracks which open the album are as good an album starter as any. All in all a good album with the usual Hillsong flava' in it.

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