Saturday, November 13

Happy #EwinEE Day!

Attended a suprise birthday party planned by Yinxie for her prince charming Ewin who turns 22 today!

We were supposed to storm into Vin's at TTDI to suprise the birthday boy, but our cover was blown just moments before that.

Good food and company coupled with fun moments with close friends at the dinner

My pro-photog buddies - Jeremy & Bryan
 These are the faces responsible for most of the brilliant pix of me on stage.

Yam Sengggggg ....not.

 Here's SmashpOp and I toasting to the birthday boy

Pretty gals - Yinxie & Wei Wei

The long awaited picture with Ellie


Us colourful guys

Birthday boy and his angels

A bottle of Champagne on the house

Family Potrait of the gang!

Here's wishing my Blogstar/Yoyo Master buddy an awesome & successful year ahead!


On another hand, do click on the notebook giveaway below in support of my friend whose birthday is exactly a week away!

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